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mittee. Dr. Vail told of the action taken by the Pennsylvania Association
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considered in striving to improve osseous development.
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family phthisis the statistics given can be compared
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ing the ones oftenest employed answered their purpose very
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Those who are under weight will almost invariably confess that they take little
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migrates from one place to another in patients advanced in
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David Jackson a surgeon of the revolutionary war died in Philadelphia
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increase followed by sloughing till the th July when the
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But up to this period only two attempts to establish medical colleges
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ferment which increases for a time in the body there is
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taking these as indications of the probable liealth state of the
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bizarre ventricular complex of a definite type. Curves of large
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evidence. A certain number of cases of pneumonia are not
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These formidable difficulties one or two at least of

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