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In reporting the cases I have intentionally included
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sultation and found marked tenderness, a rising pulse,
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the anastomosis of the facial and spinal accessory.
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..0 cm. Patient walks with left leg rotated outward, pos-
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and was voided in small amounts about every hour. Dur-
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mean temperature with us is too low to successfully
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sons who are interested in questions relating to the
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the condition of the patient than any difficulties in
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The relative frequency of the injury of the different
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of hebitude but rather that of irritability ; epistaxis
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of right sternoclavicular joint. Paratyphoid bacillus
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Preliminary Report of an Operation for Abdominal Preg-
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1 Read by invitation at the .Vnnual Meeting of the Massachusetts
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were flabby, aud the muscles of the forearms very much
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No. 1060, dated 23rd of December, 18G4, the following
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lacking, that, is in any case of constipation, we can
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tinued fever. Complication : cystitis, thrombosis of
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reasonable that iitterly different methods of instruc-
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that the Manila water supply might have been infected
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seventy-tln-ee graduates, and of Doctor of \'eteri-
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opinion, seemed to localise the power of speech in the

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