What Is Clotrimazole Cream 2 Used For

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the nasopharynx, had increased enormously during the last


Fisio-medico-statistico of Milan, for his researches on

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J. Otoimgy. — Pre-tident : H. B. HewetsOn, M.R.C.S. Vice-

what is clotrimazole cream 2 used for

tional disease should not be expected to differ in kind, but

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In regard to alopecia areata, the author states that it is not

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who has recently been in contact with a person suffering from

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for the grant of a charter to constitute the U niversity of Wales, so that no

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cough and expectoration, and apparently the respiration

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a little below the rib border to the left iliac fossa, and trans-

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and rebuilding of the hospital had become imperative to meet

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In sixteen of the principal town districts of Ireland the deaths registered

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On his return to this country. Dr. Anderson worked for some

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source of this criiniual violence was drink, Liverpool beiag the most

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Tuberculosis in cattle should be brought under the Con-

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As we have already stated, the subject matter is, in general,

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