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End Results following Operations for Carcinoma of the Breast

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finger is withdrawn. Water is now added to the blood mixture drop by

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analysis of small area variations in surgical rates

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Interesting investigations which have greatly helped to elucidate the nature

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nodules which may be more or less numerous and by their aggre

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Tripier s amputation in this case was not a success

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discussed tested and if possible proved must lead to ad

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similar morbid condition gives rise to like results. As the aneurismal

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larged spleens and glands occurring in other diseases. In this labora

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or perfectly clear and free from any stainable granules. Solid

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he has been cured right here in the climate of St. Louis

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ing pilgrims. A sanitary service for the protection of

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ed no adhesions thickening or swelling and on laying open

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worst cow was killed May st and the second died June

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plants. A few points only require further elucidation.

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upon the cessation of the poisons. In other words in insolation there

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white lines along the vessels both arteries and veins were very

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TEHSON presented a specimen from a man aged fifty years who

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the species of Australian snakes I have examined such a conclusion would

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tributions to medical literature. In the American Jour

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tinction to the illiteracy and superstition of the empiric who is

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worked and the precious metals the silver and gold of scientific

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right. The optic discs were now found to be oval shaped vertically the

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