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Meadows; Mr. J. M. Burton; Dr. J. G. Swayne ; Mr. William

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etc.; with the administration of such medicines as shall

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* The Naval Medical Warrant, however, -has been indirectly tam-

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dered at when, though the disease was duly recognised,

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editions of the list of consulting men, etc., are pro-

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in the same position and did not move, notwithstanding

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sion on each occasion had been against the power of

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parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same

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glass retention of the placenta, but with care and patience

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case in the hospital now under my care, that of a man

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maj'' generally be taken as evidence of its rarity ; but

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These surfaces were then drawn together by three points^

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this question, he says that tlie prefix of Dr. is merely a

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others to lay their notes of cases of hysterical deception

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sion of the name from the list of members shall not be deemed,

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its title from a chemical doctrine long since passed

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among other hints at the cur's imperfections, says : —

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quiring but little in the way of grateful acknowledgment,

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Wednesdays in the months of March, June, September,

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friends that recovery can only take place very slowly;

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tinued and citric acid given in its place, and the warm

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neuralgia has prevailed, and has not as yet entirely

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duces spanfemia; that this spana^mic state, acting upon

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terspersed with dark, livid, bloody, sodden tissue. The

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points relating to this substance, and has published

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"Relative rank shall not entitle the holder to salutes

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shown to be capable of being obviated or avoided by

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to remain after the birth of the first, I am induced, from

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