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cess of diuresis does not depend on an increased flow of blood

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cultures of the intestinal contents have frequently given negative re

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The Treatment of Consrenital Dislocation of the Hip by the

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rheumatica Eruptive articular fever Eruptive rheumatic fever amp c. in

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question of a proper technique for vaccination is a matter

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the buccinator muscle food lodges between the cheek and

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when we consider how many families reside during the summer in the

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time ansemia splenic enlargement and irregular fever of moderate intensity

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diarrhea or severe indigestion make the chance for life very

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widely distributed guidelines for their use a substantial

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sutured to the lower angle of the vaginal vulva to prevent slipping.

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may have no occasion to rise for the evacuation of his water.

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cluding Conjoint Clinical Courses and Pediatrics and Obstetrics

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to report as to quarantine establishment at North Chandeleur

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endeavoring to combat disease without the help of the trained and

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ering the happy results of Dr. Babcock shall use it in the

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