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recognized one of the cases described in this paper. If this disease is
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By some authors (Rilliet et Barthez^) this condition is described
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of the evening, relating his conclusions derived from personal
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which had commenced in the same organ. Again I wonder if free
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He advises that acids be employed for disinfecting the passages in these
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he realizes that the average addict down at the bottom of his
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would give a proportion of 1 choreic among every 423^ insane ; say,
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number of cases belonged to this category. Not seldom there was a barking
Shall the wage earner give his body in health or disease, to a polit-
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the pecten interdigitate with corresponding ones of the mucosa.
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condition is " the poison of scarlatina." Verily, the author must be a
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have had eleven Porro-Csesarean cases with seven deaths, and thirty-four
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lavage or vomiting, we can hardly overlook this source of error.
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use) of taxis constitutes an evil against which all surgeons should protest. 2.
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either in perityphlitis or the colic produced by lead or other
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distinguished Vienna dermatologist, whose extended and unique experi-
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THE article on War and Civil Neuroses by Dr. Nichols brings up
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operation), when the stomach is opened we iish out the string,
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ence, the cecum and lower ileum be the parts affected ?
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and then standing erect. Sometimes it is better to do this while holding in
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preexisting tissue ; 2. Degenerative changes, giving rise to cavities or cysts ;
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worth while to repeat. The principle of treating acute gastrointes-
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3. Although lactic acid is always present in the intestine
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are too often prone to discard the possibility of stone on the evi-

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