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matic, and there was no a])parent want of co-ordinating power. He never

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pectus of the " Societe Sanitairc," lately advertised in Paris. Like

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origin of the nerves distributed to it, or of any organ with which

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mal, and chemical. In this series thirty-eight out of sixty-seven

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the cellular tissue and produced these symptoms. I therefore

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mineral acids are indicated, either the sulphuric or hydrochloric. The

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of a puppy two weeks old (estimated) showing nervus terminalis.

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fatality being exceeded only by the returns of typhus and typhoid fever.

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gUa reticulum? It is very hard to answer this question definitely.

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here to the thread in the blood-serum of health. The uric acid of the

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lunar ganglion have their central processes in the ventral part of

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charm of style, but it has like solidity, the fruit of ; FliufsPracticeof Medicine has become so fixedia

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is, by complications and sequels, to this disease during the war ; he fixes

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As far as my observations go, the terminal feet must not be

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in the bodies of those affected with the disease. But another question

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ferent species of neuralgic affections, some occur most frequently in the

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country prior to 1870. It has never been indigenous in this country. In

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is usuall}^ active, patients crying out, and sometimes requiring restraint ;

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temporal muscle. Also serial sections from experiment no. 65,

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duration of the affection is long. After the existence of a tumor is ascer-

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In seeking to determine the character of the eruption, vesicles should be

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enlarged pancreas. A medullary tumor, as already stated, may be suj)-

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years, but that he had kept at his work until about three weeks prior to

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of sapid properties, and do not depend for their sensation upon

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rences from the experiments and reasonings which have been

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complete degeneration of the fibers of the mesencephalic root, which curve

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portant pathological and practical questions, there

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malt liquors freely, and in one case it was simply noted that the patient

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discovered between them : and in others, in which no such ex-

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