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August 11th redness and swelling appeared on both hands

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of plant life. It will, I think, fill an important place in secondary schools,

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termination of the blood pressure, etc., the estima-

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for he walks without the slightest lameness. He says the bullet

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It i'" situated on the elbow, and first appears as a soft,

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tal ship as a rapid and comfortable means of trans-

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retained intuljational or tracheal canula cases fol-

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there asleep beside me," he says with a shrill laugh,

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of the vessels, divers forms of cardiac ectopia, etc.,

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due to syphilis. A compilation of statistics showed

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rologist, the laboratory worker, the rontgenologist

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Preparations were being made for the patient to get up.

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lation. Rubbing the muscles, and using a mild lini-

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secretion was restored in full force as before. The same remarks

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hoped to have an opportunity of seeing the appni-atus nt

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fluid, especially when the horse is eating. The glands

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ination is poorer, where the subjective mental con-

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KLay. by Uie fortune of war, have occasion for your services.

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affected with w^orms are given a good variety and an

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Medicinal treatment in most contagious diseases is of

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The same treatment was adopted as in Case V., and vaccine

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Monday, February i/lh. — Medical Association of the

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Dr. Desvigne in France. All these physicians agree in the superior

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the sino-auricular node was free. The auricles had, in

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found to absorb the radiant beam sent through them, in the proportions of tlie fol-

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■ '-Are'^ mAtAMfu fA hm»%^ stpfAml wkh m ifprnt^ or »At

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bonea had united firmly, and were most accurately in position ;

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Acetic Acid (see Vinegar). Pure acetic acid is used

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3 P. M. — I continued the compress till 3 P. M., by which time

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were perfectly independent of each othtr — having their own mem-

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