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hospital corps only are needed upon the firing line.

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this fact lies one of the principal marks of difference between influenza

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removed on the nineteenth day and the patient gets up on that day.

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tory bub the phenomena which attend its early development will always be

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pain. Hoping for improvement in his condition I postponed the exami

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with delusions and other psychotic features have signifi

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ordinary tuberculous cavities in that they are quite long comi ared to

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go s on to speak of vesical fistula and combining anatomy with

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that first obtained from the uterine cavity and had the following

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was filled with large firm gray discrete miliary tubercles. The

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ideal is acted upon by external influences in such a way

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life Spain and its science grew increasingly western in orientation.

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purulent it may become inspissated and this may in time become con

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be ischemic infectious toxic or infiltrative. These may

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instruments essential to an exact diagnosis. and lastly. To impress

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tention than that centered upon the hospital. This was in

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