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acids ; the hard parts of animals ; the humors of the eye ; cartilages ; brain ;

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bricus whilst in the hospital, and in whom there was loss of power

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great relief, if not absolute cure, and thinks that, when practi-

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robust or delicate constitution ? wasted in flesh, and how much ? what is your ori-

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machinery of the consulates of the British empire, scattered as these

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Dr. Gingeot, no one in France has employed the alcoholic treatment

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manner in which colloidal changes take place (for they always

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S where there is difficult and scanty menstruation. The period at which it

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what circumstances this rule may be departed from with safety.

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Many have been put forth upon the subject, filled with nonsense upon the nature

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this disease have claimed that atropin could only possibly benefit

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infection and these were gradually cleared up in the following

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This engraving represents the heart and lungs in their

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I claim no particular skill in the treatment of syphilitic diseases, nor want the

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inexpensive and useful porte caustique for this purpose.

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time, bul they exert a pernicious influence. A great many crooked and deformed

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The China teas, ,coffee, sage tea, and many others are excellent when taken into

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attention is equally limited. While the present absurd division

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temperature and in other respects, which, says Dr. de Valcourt

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These patients do well as long as the tonsils and adenoids

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chiata, present the characters of the striated form of muscular

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of the vertebrate sub-kingdom.'* — Journal of Anatomy and FhyMo^^

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being diseased, had made use of the French Male Safe, this sacrifice of infantile fife

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of tumours, and on which our attention has hitherto been ex-

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side indicated pressure on the left hemisphere, which could well

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toes, who was in our hospital with an hysterico-choreical attack

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The total mortahty amounted to about 680. The eonvicts,

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the fourth day, when in both cases iritis set in, pursuing by no

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visited in November or December ; or probably earlier, as the disease

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have an infinite variety in the size of the granulations^ according

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remark that it appears to us evident from all we see and hear

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miserable compounds. Their true qualities are known only to those who stagger

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injection was thrown into the carotids. The body was then placed in a case of

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On February 14th examination showed continued improve-

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SwelHng of the disks about 1| diopters in the left eye, with some

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