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panied by hemiplegia while if the latter be present the paralysis

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the inefficiency of the method advised which consists in removing

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influence and impulse of the old activity still manifested itself in this

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at La Pitie for a second report to be made on him. We

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often found still largely distended after the emesis has

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brane be loosened by the finger or the curved scissors

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In December he was readmitted and died shortly after in diabetic coma.

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times if examining for piles see an elevated pile with granular

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on the Court of Examiners of the Exam. Passed. Rejected of Rejections

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lowed by them. They correspond to the abscesses which

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which depresses the functions of the vaso motor centre. We can

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With this new idea of the nature of his boy s ailment

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a bookkeeper. Prom the ages of sixteen to eighteen he

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tical app.ication of tlie principles thus inculcated was

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Achilles when the foot was only moderately flexed. The interval in this

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brought results that put to rest all apprehension. Whatever

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was extreme. The heart was pushed more to the right side than before.

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there is not the slightest difierence between lymphatic and myeloid

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father was the Eev. James Boerhaave minister of a small village

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serum both the albumin and its salts experienced a decrease.

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ment. The relief can be rendered permanent by using an abdom

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the under side of the crown diverge from each other at

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branches of work in which the membership of this association

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show that the antivenom constitutes a truly scientific method based

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