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wines, probably, coming to America. Pommery and Greno,

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time of exacerbating periods when mucus, pus, and often blood are

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The preceding chapters have been devoted to an exposition of the

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patient, especially if the case be protracted, must be vigorously fed, and

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moderation, and for dessert a salad and fruit, a little light

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a living part or organ depends upon the amount of arterial blood cir-

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Definition. — Cholera is an acute, infectious, epidemic disease. Its

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bowels when necessary, fulfil all the indications for internal medication.

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on section the gray matter may present punctate extravasations. When

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Further, convalescence is undoubtedly shortened. That long period of

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in no case had it the slightest resemblance to any stage of a lobar

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diseases, esx^ecially in typhoid fever as recommended by Brand, for the

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movement, the temperature touching 100° or even 101° F. (38.3° C).

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are greatly enlarged the affection may bear a striking resemblance to

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eighteenth, and 14 in the nineteenth conturv. including the j)an-

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being allowed to extend over the edges of the tub. This may be re-

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cases, and showed the surprisingly low mortality-range of 1.22 to 2.66

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equalization of the body temperature. All tissue change, all organic

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Course and Prog:nosis. — The course may be brief, virulent at-

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to the army or to civic life, and are not a charge on tlic State for

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formalin sterilizer for instruments and all dressings now on

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spirituous liquors are required in acute illness, and are bene-

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place him at the commencement in water of a temperature of 85° or

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liter may be employed if the collapse is marked, and repeated several

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medicine not in Canada alone, but wherever preventive medicine

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sent at once to the general medical wards and treated there;

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and nervous system improved from the start, the gland rapidly

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Duration, three or four days. Duration, five or six days.

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are at the same time very delicate, from the tendency of the

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there was a present danger of e.xcluding nurses who could not

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lifty men who lia\'e hecn restored to full usefulness will demon-

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I had once a dear friend who died of diabetes. He was an

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iuldrcsscs, or copies, or papers. Surely the subscrihers of the iiiodi-

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may have free and even fatal hemorrhage. Of course, the

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blood pressure will be considered together for obvious reasons. They

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I felt very sorry to be misunderstood, especially by membei's

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