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or to after inoculation. We would deeply impress it on the mind of

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teeth. Of the three Medusa alone was mortal. She was at

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from blows both the patients were hypochondriac and died.

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proof is desirable and the matter should be decided by early

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evidence of congenital syphilis in the child and there was no family history

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A consideration of these facts leads to conclusions which may sometimes

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especially with reference to its aetiology and immunization has been more

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turnip or other food which pressing upon the wind pipe impedes

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exudation the more intense the leucocytosis. On the other hand infectious

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necessary preconditions for individual and community

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Coats G. Further cases of thrombosis of the central

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extremity of the middle turbinal which had not been removed.

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tranquillity on their cessation. The remains of the cord sepa

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neither case was there any puffing of the feet hands or eyelids.

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these attacks as well as the duration of each is the enlargement of

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lesions are not as yet well known. The possibility of lesions in various

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its function if the secretory process be performed by the agency

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Culler E. A contribution to tbe treatment of uterine

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dilatation of the pupil and loss of accommodation for near objects.

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shed streams ponds dust wild birds buzzards rabbits insects infected

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population ratio all these things have happened and

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by the dictates of morality but were allowed full swing and

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then to throw in a solution composed of one or two parts of

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for the following five counties Ashtabula Cuyahoga

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ing oar in the Gazetted progress and who has done much to

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