Retin-a Kur Pirkti

Action and Uses. — Areca nut is an anthelmintic more

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urine aseptic. Repeated large doses -are likely to cause

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prominence of the inner ankle ; but ordinary large, ill-shaped, or flat

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Dose.—B.., gr.xv.-xxx. (1.-2.); D., gr.iii.-v. (.18-.3).

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1. Powdered ipecac is a good agent for dogs, cats and

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stimulation of the vagus endings in the heart, inhibitory

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Mercury, 500 gm.; lard, 250 gm.; suet, 230 gm. ; oleate of mercury,

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appeared somewhat pressed back. The anterior chamber large.

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on his back to take a nap, he was suddenly aroused by the sensa-

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ed. The pleura over this part of the lung was somewhat inflamed^

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detected iu the lower animals, the nitrites are of less value,

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Journal. The assistant appointed to aid Dr. II. having tieclined to

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. Dose.—D., 3 i.-ii. (4.-8.); Cats, 3 ss.-i. (2.-4); Sw., 3 ii.-iv.

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disease, however high the fever, or swollen and inflamed the tonsils.

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recently employed subcutaneously — H., gr.|^-i. (.02-.06) ; D.,

retin-a kur pirkti

and combating inflammation. Reflex excitability is less-

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articles, by the employment of a steward in whose fidelity and

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* Creolin, to avoid toxic effects, should be pure. That made by Merck is

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tion and the ctiects produced by the sudden solution and activity of

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