Flavoxate Urispas Side Effects

fall the burden of educating other physicians in the


lowered and that one attack is apt to be followed by a second. A

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11. Ornstein, G. G., and Epstein, I. G. : Tuberculosis of

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Gynecology was called to order by the chairman, Dr.

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aspirin tablet for a headache about three years ago he

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so extensive as to impress its possessor with the dangers that may

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has brought greater demands upon doctors, and every-

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surgical and many minor operations come under their care. An-

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and nurses, it would seem advisable for _ the War Manpower

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previous meeting, the treaturer’s report was read, and

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Thomas W. Poole, of Lindsay, Ontario; C. Eugene Riggs, of St.

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ical Association approved the action of the Federal

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Following the luncheon, the speaker of the afternoon,

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pressed with the lack of emphasis on this phase in the

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the doctors of medicine in the various counties. He

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lute avoidance of female association. I have seen a case of clap

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Medical Society meeting in Quincy, 111., was the basis

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tional items entering into the conclusion underlying the

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instruments, vitamins, and other supplies to the mili-

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may be fatal, and that although the wounded require

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Fig. 1. X-ray visualization of the tibial condition at the he

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clear, concise, and comprehensive manner together with

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concentration, and in each instance the visceral findings

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hundreds of physicians on the consultant committee of

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purulent sputum more or less for two years, with an occasional

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ly. "I don't see it." "Of course you don't," said the impertur-

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ernment to make them cause for exemptions, the coun-

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Rapid increases in weight, headaches, and rising blood

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speaker at three successive meetings. An attempt is

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the lesser peritoneum as well as from that of the greater peri-

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medicine and is often difficult to deal with. Intravenous

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2. Johnston, J. A.: Howard, P. J., Smith, F. J., and

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Injuries (22 articles) ; Diet in Gastrostomy (5 ar-

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