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therefore, to speak of a neurosis, implying thereby

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Serum von Patienten, die mit Ehrlich's Arsenobenzol vor-

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ticed in four patients in whom the efflorescences had

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in all their psychic life. Of course he must believe this

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leaving other portions free to move, has been known

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Bklster, J. M., Surgeon. Detached from the Naval Acad-

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healed sinus leading to old bone disease. He was extremely

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It is more delicate and regular than that seen with

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ficers serrina in tlie Medical Corf^s of the United States

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free or combined hydrochloric acid, as well as of all

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This case was treated three years ago with no recurrence-

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brief de.-^criptions and his vivid drawings, one ought

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ton ; Dr. Leon P. Janiewicz, of Utica ; Dr. Mvron D. Lipes,

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the same generation which furnished the first legal

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the bowels. Night sweats ceased, and the temperature

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jured the germinative cells, and he called this phe-

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nite shape ; at the end of the seventh month the still

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The Medical Society of the State of New York, sorrow-

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up that the effort at connection is visible and the

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found in the cadaver of the alcoholic, particularly

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painful convulsion, always tonic, rigidity sometimes

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Contractures were much lessened. She could walk and

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with those of the "old" or "dead" waters. These ad-

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trition and other conditions necessary for their ex-

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off' glasses but still kept up the tonic. Although he began

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curate from year to year, and thus accounts for some of

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first hospital designed for the specific purpose of

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percussion note was slightly over resonant, and small

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