Growing Amaryllis Outside In Florida

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On p. 17, under the indications for chamomilla, we read

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fessorship; wrote neither books nor articles for publica-

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rhage ; its object has been carried out. Excellent ! But if

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spondence between Dr. Hughes and Dr. Martiny, delegate to the

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IK' w,is Rradiiaifd in medicine <m the i^tii of March, 1S84,

growing amaryllis outdoors in florida

" Cteliotomy for Puerperal Septicaemia and i'eritonitis."

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edy useful in some cases of angina pectoris ; " and that Kafka,

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resemble the bullet wounds of old times. The wide gaping

growing amaryllis outside in florida

powers ordinarily used by others appear to have ranged from

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was had, even when abstinence was practised for months. Dur-

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above ?), and the perineal compress, the reviewer is shaken in

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and translucency are both liable to be absent. Helmuth says

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served one year as prescription clerk in Stearns's drug

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produced by explosive fire. Immobility is obtained by a palmar

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the bullet may have travelled a considerable distance

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do purgatives given for gastric difficulties ; and so indefinitely.

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would call a " medicated legend," to the effect that there was

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