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tracheotomy must be performed, and the pharynx plugged

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below the patella. The largest, on the left leg, was of the size of

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acid, and then by the successive mutual reaction of this nitric acid

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sounds are most distinct when the horse is exercised

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indeed, I employ it in any case where the liver is at all

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found very dense adhesions in both tubes. The likelihood of

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lation ; and all measures were put in force that were practieable, to

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others, a chronic running sore forms. In the chronic

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traced, by the able men before mentioned, and by Professors W.

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normal for six weeks I began to use tuberculin A.F. in doses

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"red blister" is usually preferred. The blister may

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and the after-treatment. There is probably no phase

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ticular attention to infection. They discovered thai

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intended, the letter/ is placed before the symbol. To

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and medicinal regulations should be outlined accord-

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division of the ovarian artery when I divided the vein. It

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Of well nigh four score years and ten, and yet so youngr

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the fimbriated ends constitute an important factor in im-

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Attlce, 1918, makes it a rule to test for neck stiff-

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the bog -spavin is caused* by a severe strain there may

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labour for seven hours. This history was, however, pro-

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should be forty feet long. Efficient remedies used for

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with ammonia, evaporating and heating, obtains crystals of taurine,

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Much stress has in modem times been laid upon cutting that

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in which metabolism is carried on, it is of the very

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ure, another corres]5onding to this over the hepatic

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recourse to intramuscular injections, but they are dis-

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bedsores. None of these have occurred in my series, but

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should be kept in such a position that the hernia is on

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and the term ' vital force ' is an expression of ignorance

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to the point at which we broke the thread of our historical sketch,

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whether the anaesthesia is not mainly due to the abstraction of

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will often rest themselves by leaning against supports.

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last two methods. Suckling calves may get the germs

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fect, we can form s(uue conce[)tion of the minutest (lifficuity in the

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history of individual corps ; the second volume, in

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surgical treatment. She complained of severe headache,

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