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tions have been made independently by Dr. Batten {Barth. Hosp. Rep., vol.
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it was pronounced to be in a diseased state. The right heart with its
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point, so far as this work is concerned, is any better established than
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Anatomy, Surgery and Obstetrica, by - ----- R. D. Mussar, M.D.
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The human body consists of a great number of elements, contained
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Among the various public charities which ornament our city, those
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Fatal Dose. — Not known. One ounce each of the sulphate and of the
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number of patients received at the Hospital in Allen street, during the
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the 26th. The disease was perfectly regular, but severe.
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of which the people may be proud. With regard to the insane, Dr. Yan-
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may be present, although no blue line is visible. At this period the
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the limbs, for these have been dealt with by competent surgical writers ;
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sinuous on account of the cupping of the disc. Sometimes there is
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caras tribe, numbering about three thousand, had been reduced one half
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liable to become poisonous ; mackerel and herrings are especially prone
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adapted to the mouth carrying a tube or plug fitting the opening. In
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that the patient, to find ease, has allowed one side of neck or trunk to
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The other occupied the situatron of (he vitreous humor ; and from the
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about one in eight of the deaths. And compared withtbei
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this object is not on a scale beyond what is and will be required for the
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for the different purposes are used. In the destruction of a tooth pulp the
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the inside of the mouth and lips are tinted blue. The distinction between
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miny editorial pj^ragraphs relating to pissing medical eveoU, have been post-
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servations in relation to the practitioner of midwifery, the department ii»
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ease ; if to these be added the peculiar sensibility to cold, and tendency
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Lavoisier wrote a memoir on the nature of the aeriform elastic fluids,
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The first of these, the respiratory invasion, is by far the most common,
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lesions partake more of a chronic character. Hence, one must not expect
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remains elevated, though varying according to the exciting cause. During
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can be prevented by better ventilation of the factory, but even in those
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systems of asses, sheep, and goats, which, it must be noted, aro looked upon
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cancer are forthcoming in which the beneficial effects of relief from pain
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small aneurysm on a cerebral artery gives way and blood is poured into the
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disposing. The local are anatomical defects, interglobular spaces, fissures,

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