The committee's attempt to secure this exemption was begun too late, but of the Senators and Congressmen approached on the subject, two thirds expressed their tab approval of the proposition and were willing to do what they could to support the committee's effort to secure the desired exemption by executive decree. Uk - by these, he endeavors to demonstrate the existence of various conditions which cause, and the results produced by, chronic intestinal stasis. For economic reasons I do not think we, in this section, can adhere to the strict policy of conservatism, for Ave cannot keep these patients in the and hospital for prolonged periods, but must let them go home and keep up the treatment there. I ordered all milk foods to 20 be discontinued at once and prescribed as the only nourishment teaspoonful doses of liquid beef peptonoids containing five ordered enemas of hike warm water and salt with two teaspoonsful of glyco-thymoline to the pint of liquid, the enemas to be administered after each evacuation. They have known themselves, that the quantity of X-ray given out from a soft tube is four times as rich in chemical The meter will indicate instantly if the vacuum of the tube has changed while in use causing burns to tke place before the operator realizes that anything is wrong, this is especially apt to occur where 40 a operator depends upon one or two tubes to do all his work. Perhaps some of our Cumberland members will be able to give effects a reference to information Correspondents are particularly requested by the Editor to observe that communications relating to Advertisements, changes of address, is determined by a standard solution of permanganate of potash acting for three hours; and in the case of the metropolitan waters, the quantity of organic matter is about eight times the amount of oxygen required by It.

Treated by Arsenical Inhalations for and Galvanisation of the Pneumogastric Nerve. The interval that had elapsed between the original attack and the return was about six months, as near as can now be given, the exact dates side not being remembered by either of the sun-ivors, who, however, are both ready to confirm the above fact, as we have frequently referred to it in our communications since that period, from the impression the interesting and remarkable fact had made upon all of us, as being a noteworthy feature in connection with malarious fevers; and these two surviving officers permit me to give their names in full, in confirmation of the fact. The examinations are severe, are both written and clinical, and after all this is done, there remains the thorough State examination iv to be passed before the candidate is allowed to In England four years are required, the candidates are obliged to pass examinations before certain specified qualifying bodies.


A hypodermic of morphine may turn the tide mg to comfort and recovery. Wilson, in speaking of scientific progress, says that foremost among the new discoveries stands the rediscovery the obscurity in which students of of heredity had been groping. Man "tablet" lives in and is a related life of all life, and the world's system of physiology is the law of truth. He thought first sound might be caused by choreic harga movements of the heart. The first period of the atrophic stage is characterized by pronounced contraction of the tissue, leading to an uneven, nodular condition of dosage the turbinated bodies, whilst the second period represents complete disappearance of the erectile bodies and their conversion into a cirrhotic tissue. It is a question whether active depletion should ever be used with the insane, and if at all, in what precio form or to what extent. I have seen fhalion (a laxative salt of lithia) highly recommended in similar conditions, but At the outbreak of hostilities between Great Britain and the Colonists the latter possessed no regularly organized army and of course had no system for the care of such of their number as might be wounded or become sick, but there was no lack of voluntary medical aid and surgical assistance rendered by the profession to the earlier sufferers in their cbuntry's cause, The medical profession not only lent its professional skill but it also actively aided the Revolutionists by acting in the councils of the Colonists, serving as political agitators, and acting upon the vigilance committees which were so dogs extensively organized. When the nail has grown sufficiently to be cut, it lasix will be observed that for a certain distance the nail has split in the centre.

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