What Is Plendil

sulin that the daily dosage need not be increased; in others,

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head to a walnut or Tangerine orange. They may be superficial or deeply

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Early symptoms. — The early symptoms of the disease are indefinite,

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the bell sound ceases. Both stethoscope and coins must be pressed firmly

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remuneration required to compensate for the risk assumed by the

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defective individuals, many of whom in the past would have died young,

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tube with a funnel raised considerably above the patient. There is no

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or be due to syncope. Some people are extremely easily influenced by

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by tapping by means of a syphon arrangement. If, in spite of this,

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ears fhould be direcfted forward •, for a tired horfe

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mation ; remembering, that in this difeafe the horfe

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infiltration. As observed by Traube, intermitting fever may so charac-

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tinctly sedative effect and may be given in a ten grain dose at bed-

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the location of drainage is that followed by most surgeons to-day,

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is the (bedding of their horns afieded by either ; for

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Scotland have remained remarkably free from the disease. Early in 1886,

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striped muscular fibres ; in the lower two-thirds these are unstriped. The

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pregnation changes shape, becoming an elongated, spear-shaped zygote (Fig.

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principal guide in diagnosis. Insensibility and high temperature in hot

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Nose and Throat, Cassey Wood, of Chicago: Walter Parker, of

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with the success of the treatment, the specific gravity falls to around 1,010 or

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the South African Eye and Ear Hospital, Richmond, England.

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always secondary, and almost invariably is part of a general disease. The

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and if not washed they are luminous in the dark. Thorpe found as much

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hydrochloric acid, in doses of 7 to 15 minims, with tincture of nux vomica,

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roll themfelves, which exercife is beneficial to tlieir

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Periodicity, particularly tertian or quartan periodicity, is a valuable

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from the presence of a tape-worm. In a proportion of instances, particu-

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continuing, the tongue dries, the mind becomes clouded, and the typhoid

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alTarabacca, to give them acidulated antifeptic drinks,

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quently inflamed and swollen, and the teeth carious in chronic cases. The

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of the bioplasm of which it is principally composed, and of the melanin

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to the brain. In this group the mortality is higher, but the technical

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from having to support the weight of the body, and from being subjected to

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monographs based upon it having been published and reconstructions having

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may be ascertained by estimating the tolerance of the patient

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tends to indicate that diabetes insipidus is due to a lack of the hormone

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patient was seized with violent abdominal pain, vomiting, and rapid

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should be kept in the bath till the temperature has fallen 6°, but if

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in diabetes insipidus, and a mixed diet may be taken. It is advisable to

what is plendil

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