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until the body had passed as far as the armpits, when, in consequence

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mach and bowels, and increasing the action of the secernents and ab-

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symptom, in another the frequency of the pulse, and in another the goitre

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painful, and there is rarely evidence of acute inflammation.

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dentally. Dr. Christison has, however, asked whether the violent ef-

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will probably be considerable constitutional disturbance indicated by rest-

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somexases a slight opacity, and sometimes there was a slight eflusion

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to the head, and a frequent occurrence of epileptic fits, if the use of

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we remember that one part of magnesia lequires above 5000 parts of

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laudanum in five hours. Hence, the doctor concludes, that, " to produce

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vomiting and purging ensued, but that the individual escaped with life.

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The treatment is by the internal administration of mercury combined

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The annual spring term commences on Thursday, the 8th of March,

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the 11 filtal cases above recorded, 7 or 8 were of this character. It is

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culosis differs from bovine and cannot be transmitted to cattle " ; and

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As physicians have not yet generally made the alteration in their pre-

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may convey disease. Oysters and mussels which have been placed in water

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with the mouth by an orifice between the aforementioned pillars and

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united it by suture with the refreshed edges of the sore. The first at-

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but, as he himself says, he was not long in discovering that nursing is not

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sulcus of the penis near the frsenum, and on the labia majora in women : the

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occur, but it is rare. A goitre may undergo rapid enlargement as the

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prostration, pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, elevation of temperature, and profuse

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mentioned, on the suggestion of Dr. Miner, who is, perhaps, the first

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which the lovers of the Galenical prescriptions of the older schoob

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miss seated, on a piece of plank, of a size a little larger than your two

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mentary schools, learning Jominua, -t, -e, -«m." With phllofophic subniission he used to support tbe

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3. Twelve cases were treated principally by repeated and continued

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aid of a tube. Friction appUed to the surface, alternating with cold douches

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thoroughly exposed. It is not to be opened, the object being to remove

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health among the community in different years and seasons, as it is to

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