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found coma; insensibility absolute, and all reflexes abolished;
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county of New York, held May 27, 1885, the following resolutions were read and
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logical examinations have also acted unusually stimulatingly and fruitfully
The gaseous development is not always due to a septic
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depend upon the temporary relief of tapping. I drew off nearly
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less wear and tear of brain and nerve from unnecessary and
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outset, Dr. Walker's work showed a man of great conscientiousness
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The autopsy was made, in the presence of Dr. Conrad Wessel-
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It was a maxim with old-time physicians, "The second-best remedy is the best if
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The fracture, whether incomplete or complete, is there-
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store and became prescription clerk. While here, a constant
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and Dutch descent, and possessed many of the sterling
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She came to the " States " at the age of fifteen, and has
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the true similitude covers. The answer to this would be largely
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more rarely serious results lrom its use in obstetrics, forbid its habitual use. The use
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At Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 15, 1908, Dr. Copeland was married
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vately, preparatory to entrance into Columbia University, which insti-
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has made in the country reporting, since our last assembly.
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past has lectured on this subject, both at the Past -Graduate
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was a bitter sceptic, went into a revival-meeting, and professed
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for education from the schools, from clinic and hospital
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operating-room. Dr. Strittmaiter uses an operating-table
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It is, of course, of great importance from an obstetrical point of view.
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enjoyed an intimate acquaintance in Dr. Marion Sims's
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counsellor, bringing him word of all that is newest and most val-
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the thigh, where abduction and external rotation of the limb
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Society of the State of New York, the Greater New York Medical
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sorption of the fluid. Dr. Angell advised waiting in this case,
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are very slight, and already present conditions most favour-
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doctrine of similars had, however, never been intellectually re-
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splinters, easily felt in the superficial foci (tibia, ulna,
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" Madame M., sixty years old, of hysterical tendencies, once had
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different distances of its trajectory. The " remaining "
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tated contemporaries of ours to seek out the Gazette's address
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tion, extending over a series of years, of any single class of cases
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years, he graduated from all the studies of the scientific
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pioneers from which he sprang, blazed his own path from a western
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sistent character. Theory is too supremely temporizing in this
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