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ably reduced. And secondly we believe with much confidence
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when she was or months of age her mother remembers consulting a
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point of discomfort except the mountains sea border and Great
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years and have been under treatment and observation several months.
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named is doubtless a local manifestation or an effect of an underlying
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required even when he lay in bed. Operation being hopeless treatment
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been from time immemorial associated with the idea of fire and
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otomy or advancement properly performed was followed by but
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casional complication. It may be confined to the brain though more com
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At the time when the experiments were undertaken practically
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of water of eating coarse food the peelings of baked
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another case I succeeded in securing the vessels by ligature.
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Consider the immense suffering that our medical brethren
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Hospital in Pittsburgh. At this Hospital torsion is almost exclusively
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affection inasmuch as it generally occurs in the children of scrofulous
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in all other cases of divided arteries the least reflection upon the
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be considered death itself I answer great good. I am not with
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ment of Epidemiology and Public Health an accredited
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le reglage precis des temperatures peu superieures l la
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with phosphomolybdic acid. The double phosphomolybdate is filtered
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In cases of contagious disease he advised that the infected persons
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Imperfect intestinal drainage gives rise to intestinal
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usually constipation but occasionally diarrhoea and in some cases jaundice.

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