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Calomel owing to its prompt action is excellent for dogs.

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malarial. The exclusion of malaria is the first step. In the vast majority

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failed to induce distinct glaucoma. MoUer tied the ophthalmic

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should be kept in mind in studying these cases. The symptoms suggest

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effect. The chimneys with their open fires which had been the chief

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Voted that the request of D Pierrepont not to be a Can

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on any other occasion. Dr l enman at one time entertained

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Sanitary Convention held at Hillsdale Mich. July and

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of patients would be preserved by the use of antipathic means.

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thing I might suggest that woukl relieve that suffering even

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SHEPTON MALLETl UNION Medical Officer for ihc Fourth District

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the king s evil. He did not come but kept the poor persons

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iu an elm poultice p.. Will mercury be absofbed in such oases

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a marked agglutination with the Micrococcus melitensis. The

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added. On this medium thicker opaline colonies are formed. In

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may come first then milk chicken water mutton broth later beef tea.

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have no valuable opinion. Such knowledge was possible

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nation that is not Mahometan can possibly be more careless. We

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as the length of their limbs was constantly changing as a

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erect and dry the muzzle has intervals of dryness and

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the conjoined tendon to Poupart s ligament usually three interrupted

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of observation to attach to it. Dr. Weir rightly attributes but little

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perature and have the cutaneous action suddenly checked and a

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produced in minute quantity by the normal organism

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it may be only the opinion of some physician in general

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that have only a limited supply of air and that obtain their

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for the uninsured. Universal access continues to be

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