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the burden of non-listed, non-brand products, and alternate

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thus seems to produce is just the opposite to that produced by

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increased BSP retention, and rises in SGOT levels, have

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interviewed the families of the leukemia patients involved,

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(PUVA) without specialized equipment. Arch Dermatol 114:387-


occupational exposure to carcinogenic substances, and

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legislation concerns itself with a number of health manpower

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any extent. On vaginal examination the uterus was found

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the fever she observed a swelling in the right loin. This swel-

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Chironomid^ : Sub-family Ceratopogonin^ : Biting Midges.

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complains of great lassitude and sleepiness ; her pulse is ninety-

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cases occur in the vertebral column and 75 percent of these

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hour. Cyanosis, with shortness of breath on any exertion,

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and seems to open into it a little above the angle between that

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medical societies, all hospitals in New Jersey, all district

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dependent upon the lesion of the nervous system. We cannot

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December 28. — The patient has been much relieved by

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A J— MedJ Australia October 8, 1977 supplement p. 19.

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recovered the power of phonation. The boy is now, after an

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Some have suspected that these fluids were propelled forwards

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muscles next appeared. In one case one muscle only was in-

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5. Planning for patient’s discharge is initiated early to

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cians are FMGs, of whom only one-fifth are American- born

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in those instances that studies demonstrating cerebral blood

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formed after the spleen has been extirpated. He also mentions that

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occurs in about three to five percent of cases of pulmonary

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ported in psychiatric patients. Employ usual precautions in

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Certificate of Need mechanism, has in effect brought about

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that can be confused with bronchial asthma do not have this

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of a bidirectional block is exemplified by the ectopic P waves

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and runs up to an accentuated second sound, by which it is

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difficulty by the forceps, more need not be done, as iu two

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ulcer. Inter-arytenoid fold swollen^ and forms a rounded pro-

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the capsule of the growth was freely divided longitudinally,

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