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to a slate colored pigmentation of the skin. Arsenic also sometimes

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tion which by evacuations of blood may be so weakened as

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stitial nephritis due to an enormous increase in the

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West Mississippi Medical Society nd Tuesday January

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the lymph spaces to absorption. In before this fact

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impossible. These conditions frequently arise in advanced cases without

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food trauma repeated pregnancies etc. cause retrogressive changes in the

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tracts of pneumococci in cholate solution to produce methemoglobin

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Dr. Hdntee remarked that in his case it was extremely diffi

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straight. About three days afterwards he complained

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waste of human life and health and activities have come into relations

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one tenth grain of apomorphine. This of course will

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vomit and fseces of yellow fever patients are innocuous we are quite sure

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ness of the voice with a foetid discharge from the nose and with

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inches in width. A trephine crown was removed to the right

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occurs from the fall months especially along the coast and the

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then thrown around the structures outside the distended portion

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tions were obtained or a total of. per cent estimated syphilitics.

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more than twice the average proportion stated the presence of

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elevation of temperature pain etc. occur at the commencement of each

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