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confined bowels, etc., a free incision should be made at ( the most con-

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greater, whereas in rural districts it likely is much smaller.

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been furnished by J. D. Byron, M.D., Instructor in the Bacteriological

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where the blood is dammed back in the formative branches of the vena

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glands, which operates as an obstruction to the lymphatic circulation

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tissue is dark colored, sometimes of a grayish red or bluish hue, owing to

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had no bad results follow, I am disposed to resort to it in all cases where the

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inward from the interlobular spaces produces the contracted, stony hard

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When ulceration occurs, fungoid masses may spring up upon the elevated

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same time he experiences a sense of lassitude, and. is disinclined to make

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harmless. Their average duration is about four years. They have been

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shape of the dulness and the presence or absence of pulmonary or bronchial

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tinct from an arterial fibrosis, clinically they can not always be distin-

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DifFerential Diagnosis. — Capillary bronchitis may be confounded with pneu-

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contractions, or luxations. The cause of the inflammation may be

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that produced by a foreign body. Neuralgia and dull frontal headache are

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While the tumors often increase very rapidly, the cancerous cachexia and

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creamy, and viscid, or turbid, thin and watery. It collects in the de-

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tis in the higher temperature, greater frequency of the respiration, the ex-

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the affected kidney, principally in the pyramids. The tubercles may origi-

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same as the treatment of other inflammations, and of abscess thereof,

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The "hydrophobia" which is so characteristic of the disease as to give

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cence. This decomposition of the secretion may exert no special injurious

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been advocated that since the germ does not circulate within the

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present in excess. Urea and uric acid are also sometimes retained in the

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founded with other abdominal tumors, as ovarian, renal, cancerous and an-

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in symptoms more severe, and there is the peculiar strawberry tongue in

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out fine proiecting spicule. The ^'''^te of Ammonia.

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eral acids have a wide reputation in this class of cases, acting favor-

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the main violence is directed on the ball of the thumb, the outer side

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Pulmonary (diastolic) regurgitant murmurs and tricuspid (presystolic) obstructive mur-

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diseases ; but the temperature is not raised in uraemia as it is in t}-phus

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ation of Peyer's patches are not discovered, then it is certain a mistake in diagnosis has been made. If,

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