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with the nerve-trunk often seem to exert more than a simple anal-
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The application of electricity to the head itself never does any good,
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phritis, which is more common after middle life, is long-continued irrita-
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through the adherent skin, in which are formed one or more chronic
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into the joint, and in extreme cases the phalanges of the fingers and
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exaggerated patellar reflexes, but may be simply ataxic incoordination
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usually from three to four days, but it may be as short as forty-eight hours,
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brane, and by the presence of a mucous or muco-purulent secretion, and
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bus, portions of which become detached and are carried along the course
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scribed by Friedlander as an obliterative endarteritis, and was attributed
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ache, slight aching pains in the legs, increasing weakness, and accelerated
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are not to be worked out in such lectures as these. In number and
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affected area : hence stimulants should be given as they would be em-
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than the sufferer himself on occasions previous to the commission of the
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various hospitals. In two of the cases no treatment interrupted the re-
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given at first, and afterwards small doses of the iodides. Electrical
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to those cases in which collapse occurs or is threatened at a time of
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is almost always distinctly worse after a severe seizure.
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appear at once after the injury or may come on insidiously. The sub-
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ing to Kassowitz, one-third of those diseased die in the first six months
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In the further progress of acute appendicitis the tendency is towards
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given. It is true that during sleep there is more or less pronounced cere-
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abundant, is largely purulent, and contains elastic fibres as well as numer-
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Cardiac Branches. So far as concerns the heart, the vagi have
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of public Charities and Corrections will occupy a prominent place.
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gradual onset in consequence of the failure of cardiac compensation,
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Dilatation of the oesophagus is either diffuse, ectasis, or circumscribed,
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twenty-four hours : they are the result of the hyperthermia, and have
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of fear, the patient making the assault in self-defence, that is, with the
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dilatation of the duct of Wirsung, the wall being composed of fibrous
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in typical cases confined to the anterior horns, the posterior remaining
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consequence of the disease of the valves. A systolic murmur due to an
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qoantitiea sufficient to produce the disease, or what is much more pro"*
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rigid and tender and is swollen and tympanitic. The pain of appen-
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tion of its cause by means of the aspirator. For a long time the strength
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the large feet and hands, the magnified face with its bones enormously
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almost invariably nephrectomy is ultimately necessary, but the result is
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and there is evidence of amyloid disease elsewhere, especially enlarge-
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coccus may be found. The purulent exudation usually contains bacteria,
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which the outlook may remain doubtful for a short time, or may imme-
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always a source of danger, and usually prove fatal, although they may

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