Carafate Uses For Dogs

appointed. The General Secretary is Dr. Koloman Miiller.

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Shore, London ; J. L. Speirs, M.B., Gateshead ; Socialist ; Dr. S. Smith,

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stained with fuchsin and looked suspicious, but none of these;

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with cla-p) ; in the Zulu war of 1879, including the engagement at (jJundi

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a tender condition of the nerve endings is alone recognisable,

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paying for;" and, secondly, as more stringent care will no doubt be

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BmcKE (E ), CUMMINGS (W.), Helmholtz (H.), Ruete (C. G.). Das

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British iledical Association in 1888 to the Registrar-General :

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an unmerited charge being ijrought against you.— X am, dear Sir, yours

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ST. GEORGE'S HOSPITAL, S.W.— Visiting Apothecary. Applications to

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the unvaccinated, we obtain a cost to the country of

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on to London. When I saw him, on June 2oth, he was then so upset by

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ence of a poisonous ingredient, if not in sufficient quantity,

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in London, and probably more. He did not think it would

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which the human cortex has been excited seem to exhibit the

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vical tissues auother ; both had to be corrected before a perfect cure was

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facturing chemists, Coventry, specimens of compressed discs

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bers. It would appear that in Sweden the Chancellor of the

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by Unna's salicylic and creasote plasters, and sometimes by

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I beg to express my indebtedness to Sir Joseph Fayrer for

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instances in which the tioable has relapsed, no surgical inter-

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ham ; J. E. H. Davies. London Hospital : J. N. d'Esterre, St. Mary's

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for the Goleen Dispensary District, vice Michael English, L.R.C.P.

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Reports, he had analysed the evidence in 17 cases. The

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proved ineffectual owing to the stimulus not being strong

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is found in old graveyards, under the floors of stables, and in

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mediately fatal, but iiis remarks applied only to hfemoptysis

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Sib, — Allow me to point out in connection with your

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alumina in his urine. Dr. Lauder Brunton was also called, and stated

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or VintimigUa, and thence can obtain circular tickets with a further

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cavity, and causing death. This case occurred in 1885, and

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tionships of vaccination and small-pox, as illustrated by the outbreak :

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Birinineham ; J. E. Kilvert. st Thomas's Hospital; J. W. King,

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supply of waste water-pipe cisterns is derived from two cis-

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S8. Gd., which sum ^-iioald be forwarded in post-oxlice orders or stamps with

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performed three times for extrauterine gestation ; two re-

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During the quarter under notice 56,nf*tj deaths were registered in the

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