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■Iw of B. pestis, although the characteristic polar ■taining was
days on the baby's blood, and always with a positive result and
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taken out of the water in a state of insensibility. From that period he dates
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and 1 out of every 27 was injured. Of trainmen, engine
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some months ago, at the Hotel-Dieu, under the attendance of M. Chomel.
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oms produced little reaction, while the unheated killed rabbits
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4|uently impregnated with 25 per cent, of its weight with the
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tion of this subject, the result of which is the interesting paper before us, —
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panied with osteitis; a disease always excessively long, requiring frequently
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studious habits. Self-respect will inspire motives, in such a community, to
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ammonia. I have, therefore, called mine "liquor ammonia3 fortissimus."
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. Amory Hare, M.D., Professor of Therapeutics and Materia
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ing into the bladder, until the urethral and perineal
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within ten hours after the application of the plaster-of-
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cases. Plague seems to be establishing itself in Cape Town.
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and low tension. Perforation was diagnosed and celi-
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disease, even though they have not the immunity ac-
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aged 6 months. Child otherwise normal. Firm, Irreducible tumor
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my right side with a pillow between my knees. At the end of six months
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which a secondary nephritis retrogressed under mercurial treat-
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27. Occupations and Bectal Diseases. — Monroe found
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broken down. The central abscess cavity had the appearance
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ported from time to time as cases of double consciotisness, of
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36. Tubercnltn Test. — Frazier and Biggs favor the use of
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docent of obstetrics and gynecology at Vienna, in charge of the
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solution is diluted to 300 c.c. with distilled water; pach
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monium hydrate to a slight alkaline reaction, and then
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Again, in Savai the disease had never occurred before
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ment. The swelling ceased two months since. For six weeks she has had
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case. Nevertheless, it is usually the accompaniment
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is given to the earlier workers; the thought of the
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to us at this time, when endeavours are made to establish among us pauper

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