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the people, the Atlantic coast scenery, and the fresh sea breezes render
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shock, the coroner, Mr. .^. F. Langham, expressed himself as
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touches upon other large social questions. The English
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dini"' has shown that it is extremely indigestible, that the
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English residents ; the next day a number of the native resi-
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shown that they in any way equalised home and foreign
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can tell what it should be responsible for. The same ques-
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of Her Majesty's troops in India, with the reply thereto of the Secretary
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The undermentioned Surgeon-Captains, having completed twelve years"
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pital ; J. G. O. H. Lane, of Guy's Hospital; T. P. Legg, of St. Bar-
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and the United States of America, and their writings contain
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be held to be good in law is perhaps open to a little doubt,
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plentifully abuses, but from Professor Crookshank, whom he
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(9) Section 16. — The opening words should read, "Any person
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of dust and sulphurous acid gas from the burning coke, fully explain the
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has made a complete recovery ; the wound was soundly healed
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The cicatrix is quite sound, andthere is ;qo indication .of any
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written by Mr. Lawson Tait. It was only on the second day
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to 102°, no symptom of collapse would be produced. He ex-
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are mainly breaking down of the nerve elements, thickening
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sthetic might diminish the effect of the shock, but ithad nosuch
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temperature suddenly rose to 102°, and, though he made no
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creatic solution. The other five beakers contained, in addition to the
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examination was ordered, and the stomach and bowels have
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simple facts. The author has contrived to condense into a
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Great pain followed, the duct became patent, and the fistula
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ing manner the danger attending the sale and use of secret
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took place at Islesvorth on Sunday, May 21st. Though it was
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Hoey. Joseph J. Loftus, M B., B Ch.R.U.I.. Roundstone, co. Galway,
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vals of two hours through the night. At 9.30 p.m., the pulse
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trict. Comparing, liowever, those districts in Bombay Pre-
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the cure of ansemic conditions, and that this iron is not ab-

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