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to the condition of the urine during and directly after the paroxysm. This
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sal extension, and we sometimes see a tendency for the foot to assume the
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what method is best borne. Cold-water cures, too, are sometimes beneficial,
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the exhilaration there is an undue conceit of his own abilities; he develops
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eaten to such an extent that the fat into which they decompose remains intact
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tusion"), by strong heat stimulus ("burn"), etc. Pain has the all-impor-
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ing, are felt chiefly in the loins and the extremities, and sometimes follow
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practitioners, six months, £7 7s. ; ditto, twelve months, £9 9s. The
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to other classes on Chemistry, the student is referred to the large
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Joseph H. Chi vers, M.D., Clinical Associate in Surgery.
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more complete, and in a comparatively brief time (one or two weeks) there
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ability to discriminate between two points is conveyed by fibers which pass up
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passes off directly as the anterior root fiber, and the anterior spinal roots are
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overeating. This is said to be the reason why diabetes is more frequent
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longer be flexed (flexor sublimis digitorum and a part of the profundus), but
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" pseudo-hypertrophy." Hence, the muscles do not feel firm, but soft and
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in the intermuscular connective tissue. Still, it is doubtful whether this
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out the stomach with water containing sulphate of sodium. In desperate
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that side is affected in a peculiar manner. There is no hemianopsia, but a
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Brackenbury Scholarships in Medicine and Surgery: These are the
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twisted and distorted. If the tongue suffer, as in one case which we saw,
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art. The pursuit, however, is not unattended with difficulties. In the
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of " hysterogenous zones." We will speak further on this point in describing
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same time he is usually quite restless at first, grasping at invisible objects in
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over, a severe form of nervous disease manifests itself either immediately or
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10. Clinical Surgery. — A clinical conference course in abdominal, thoracic, and
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rhages, symptoms of paralysis, partial anaesthesia, disturbances of the blad-
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ChHst^s College, Couiderhury, New Zealand, — ^Voluntary examina-
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three sessions at college, he is recommended to take the classes in the
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of the lecturer. Fee, for those who have already taken out the course
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the direct and purely mechanical injury of the nervous elements certainly
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examination is generally held either in the German or the Latin language. It
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by the Final Examining Committee ; if found efficient they will receiye
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petual pupils paying the entire of their fees in advance, or in two instalments at
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