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a small percentage of the scarlet-fever cases. We can think of differences in

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tive Dental Surgery, £2 2s. ; Elements of Histology, £1 Is. ; Demon-

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books i., ii., iii., or Wilson's Elementary Geometry, books i., ii., iii.

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[Brissaud and other recent French writers lay much stress upon the dif-

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Toxicology : Taylor " On Poisons." The books required by students on

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ally affected, one or more of them being attacked at the same time. The affec-

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scribed a case of a combination of tabes with genuine progressive muscular

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the upward growth of the tumor. The accurate determination of the position

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nations recognised by the General Medical Council — UniTersities of the

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Symptoms and Course. — It is evident that syphilis of the spinal cord can-

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prescribed subjects, either in the IJziiversity, or in some other school of

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In important cases one must never neglect to test accurately the sensations

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referred to the beginning of acute inflammatory processes in the nerve. In

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Colleges of Surgeons of the United Kingdom, or a Master or Bachelor

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that the lack of vegetable food is injurious because of the deficient supply of

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Charles James Berridge Aldis, M.D. Cantab., h. 1859.

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The degree of Doctor of Medicine may be obtained by medical prac-

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and Surgery. Six months' dissections only are required. The candi-

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the loss of all auditory images deprives the motor center of any regulator, so

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and motion) . Xaturally, a combination of the two types occurs very frequently.

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