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our first responsibility and there should be no hesitancy in meeting

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characterized by excessive avidity for dancing at the sound of in

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frequent and considerable bleedings from the nose. These bleedings occurred

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iiighly useful. In the last disease it is very beneficial in

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ological condition is of extremely rare occurrence. Little of practical

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is given as A good medicine to staunch the bleeding

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at large. We can not enter into any correspondence concerning our

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Expectant treatment should be employed in the first instance

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the uterus and prolapse of the left ovary. The ovary was not

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their interests often called them without experiencing an attack

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the thyroid enlargement gone. More perhaps than all

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toms of nervous exhaustion or if the patient be anaemic steel will

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swelled and the whole fauces covered thickly with a yellowish white exudation.

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faction. A scientist on the other hand is satisfied with his

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blood pressure will have the effect of pushing out and

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jeQow xanthoma patch measuring cm. x mm. Above and within the left

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seven sisters and the widowed mother all of whom had to be

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to pass water. On November complete retention came on

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ciated with exophthalmic goitre which have completely recovered with

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of cancerous development is one of the rarer locations

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Abdominal massage wet girdle cold douche to abdomen

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more susceptible. Alcoholism is perhaps the most potent predisposing factor.

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tive agent may gain entrance through the tonsil and be carried thence

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anterior urethra irrigated none of these organisms will be found in the urine

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Free drainage of the various segments of the internal ear is

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It is not necessary to enlarge upon these last points

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had failed and for several days before his visit had

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farther advanced are deprived of the possible benefit

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larly in the medium and smaller sized cities are brought

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direction they may have slanted. I beg here to introduce two

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equivocal. Usually the pupil is dilated and immovable or the

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