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introduce clinical tumor control benefits because the repair mechanisms of normal tissues
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eral years confirm us in the conviction that the hidden or latent manifestations
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Two of the Continued fevers resemble the Eruptive in being
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pregnancy. From the condition of each foetus and the
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Chirurgie No. speaks highly of the internal adminis
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ducing the disease tend to remain in operation in the same individual
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Indian sanitary reporting may simply express the natural utter
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tions upon the growth of muscle. His experiments were made on the
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ing of records. We are securing through these labora
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Kidneys. Alcohol acts as a diuretic. The exact mode
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fashion. So much is this the case that it requires some moral courage
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and we shall view wanton mutilation of the body in the
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to the seat of pain and expectorants with digitalis administered.
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of constitutional as distinguished from purely local dis
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height but even where the circumstances render this possible the injuries
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to certain serious abdominal conditions may be emphasized. Many painful
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plays but a very inbordinate part the physiological
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patient has failed rapidly and where a suspiciously hard nodule is
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The flowers are numerous large and white. They stand at
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Whale Spermaceti which Pomet says is the brain and that
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lamb. When seen on the th she was standing with head erect
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ings of the department of education at Madison since made have had
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very short time it will do the cure. These are to be had
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same time the two reserved wards previously kept empty were filled
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mild catharic remedies. She has however constantly increased in
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five dollars. They shall have their names upon the roll
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The substance of the cord around the clots was somewhat soft. The
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these sick birds they twist about turning round their longitudinal
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the injection of antitoxin there had been only localized
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tient contracted the disease in his wards. Clothing and bed linen
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Many progressive Western farmers are urging the establishment
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came from Iran and studied medicine in Shiraz dedicating his opus
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