Orographic Effect Rain Shadow

An Edinburgh Water Scare. — Tlie Research Defense So-

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and best and most effective for the prevention of procrea-

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uric acid in the blood stream, and that this, if severe

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on the left side, are distinctly useful as also is po-

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haler is likewise immediately available to take the

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needle is then withdrawn and reinserted at the fur-

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von Frisch, Wien, H. Kiimmel, Hamburg, und H. Young,

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old world, and that everything else on this subject apper-

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The intestii!cs were bound together by firm adhesions.

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time he was in the hospital fluctuated between 99° and

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atitic ulcers on lower lip ; furry ulcer on tongue. Child

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der. .\ sharp reaction was noted, the patient complaining

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and Dr. James Alexander Miller will speak in Public

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mentally a single dose will cure syphilis in animals,

orographic fog

profusely. Lungs, right normal, left showed impaired

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In addition, a careful search will sometimes reveal

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certain in measurement, that its use should be left

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are not to be reached through an experience of a few

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ceding day they could not be demonstrated, and had not been

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able erethisme de I'arbre circulatoire" which char-

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prismatic source or the direct roof type through an

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shock, the postoperative pain is less than that fol-

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recurrence up to the present time and has gained in weight.

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treatment of psychic disturbances naturally also be-

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quarters to be built in McKinley, and are nearing comple-

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lower margin of the glans, forming an irregularly oval

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The late cells are very tenacious of life and persist

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Paediatrics will meet. Dr. Charles G. Kerley will present

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orographic lifting refers to

orographic effect rain shadow

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it from the abdomen, a foreign substance, about two and

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from cancer in the past thirty-five years to the total

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Case HI. G. K., forty-six years, iron worker, recently

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