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leucocytes in the circulation may not be accompanied by increased
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distending the bladder with a weak solution of carbolic acid after
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Hare lip by M. Denise Local Temperatures and Pulmonary Phthisis
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tended with fever for two or three days and often with pain
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April th and had the Argent. Nitrat. ointment applied
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the recent Annual Meeting of their Central Executive Committee
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count of this injury. In this latter work is a short summary
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we have never found more than half the first mentioned proportions
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with separation of its various forms reaction of degeneration and
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remarkable series of experiments. Although some of them have failed
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thus seized with apoplexy occasioned by the first invasion of
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material or new tendinous tissue formed previously to unite the divided extremi
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otherwise have been subjected to amputation. Next to
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In the process of enlargement some cells in the several local
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the various speakers and took issue with Dr. Moore on his treat
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care. There were three hypotheses which might explain this
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in the later tests and onl these tests all be given.
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possibilities. As Professor Biedl points out the problems piesented can
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ally invaded or in snch imminent danger as will not
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granulations the areas become narrower by degrees the temperature remained
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Brown as an aspirant for this position. The doctor is fully as well
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lungs at autoi fsy on a case of pneumonia showed a pure
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tion are described and their significance discussed very intelligently but he
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and debris of food that could not be digested or applied to the
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li may be found tluit there are several areas on the mucous membrane.
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is usually found in which the left cavities are nearly or quite empty
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sterling truths which it contains that our labor has not been
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