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Causes. In cattle this malady is largely traceable to the same

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stood higher than the other. This may be accounted for

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by the promotion of selected non commissioned officers of the corps.

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passing the chain ecraseur about the cervix which Dr.

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appearance of the secondary symptoms By no means. The

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deprive the body of material necessary to their growth but also leave

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disinfectant which may not undergo some chemical change

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the real pancreatic ferment taken for comparison under the same con

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by the fact that the sewing machine had no parts which

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their authority and threatened to bring United States

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the physical exhaustion that has preceded the loss and which makes patients

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the foot back far enough just so the toe can rest on the

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Their blood gave the Widal reaction after inoculation and Wright

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fully examined by a competent oculist and if found necessary

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rapidity is almost instantaneous and if we are at hand

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dules. The lungs contained numerous tumors also. The right

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In support of this contention several facts may be here adduced.

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southern Maine and in foxes in central Maine in August

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a fatal temperature lead us to rate the normal conscious

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connected with an irrigator held about eight feet from the ground

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mislead persons familiar with the disease but it has

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government with impunity. Again the principle of dehu

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where the patient could not speak without some amount of

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Careful examination revealed an unusually sp.acious and healthy

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contracted state of the liver resulting from cirrhosis

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two hours by day except when sleeping soundly when four hours

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buildings under the management of the Society presided over by Lord

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albumin and casts. The autopsy showed tliat the ureter had

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in ancient times had not borne the best of characters

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instance there was i distinct bellows murmur loud over the apes and

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six years was sick with fevjer at the same time. My

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of health that pneumonia like fever alters its type at certain

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have cultivated the bacilli in blood serum to which

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in the morning and had a solution of five grs. of the

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Committee to appoint the place for the next meeting of this

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cultural colleges are instructing their students in its use. As the

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nurtured in both sexes by a variety of causes as countless as

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