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menopause. If these tumors were allowed to proceed many cases


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croup. The development of the dyspnea however is more gradiul

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chanical corrective manipulations are never injurious in scoliotics

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applied four times. My referencc was for symphysiotomy but

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abscess in the thigh was also drained. The pus fi om the splenic

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titled The Control of Fracture Work by the Roentgen Rays

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dence in the neighborhood of sluggish streams or ill drained sodden

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issue. The response to the articles published has been

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tapping with no ill result with development of fecal fistula.

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upon the following facts The acids of the secretion may be changed

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mico vital views on Physiology he regarded assimilation and

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ma. In the latter no constitutional or local reaction oc

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gland the hypofunction predominates and which is essentially

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drops of a four to eight per cent. solution of cocaine placed

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calls more numerous hospitalization budget exhausted at this writing.

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the want of clearness in his understanding of it. In the first

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We are indebted to Friedlander for an extensive investigation

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the stagnant and decomposing faeces. In the face of such com

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to establish communications between physicians seeking

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at the first opportunity. Anointing the body frequently with

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ulcerations of tertiary syphilis and exposure to cold as sitting on the damp

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cated by the quantity and quality of the discharge. If there

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the penalties provided in that act for vessels which

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possibly of being made useful not only in prophylaxis but also in

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succinct exposition of all that was essential that had been taught up to

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only few recurrences which were treated again. We have to be very

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tabooing such reports when applying to rabies and yet

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opening into the duodenum which had almost healed up but presented

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is described between the ovaria and the fallopian tubes in parturition a

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of a primary attack of typhoid fever and especially inasmuch

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her scientific researches and in the attitude of the medical and vet

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believing that there is some connection between cholesterol metabolism

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of these conditions or to wliat extent a combination

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then we must epilate and use parasiticides again it may be

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The cases of idiocy with pachydermatous cachexia which have been

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peritonitis. The jaundice appeared to be the result of pressure from

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a certain number of cases are set aside for operation the number

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want to see. I therefore make these radiographs on plates

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