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view beyond any expedition of which African history

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ance. The urine at no time contained albumin. Rectal alimentation was

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this group are more especially the polymorphonuclear finely granular

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comes first though where there is much ulceration there is some

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his grace s presence dried it before the fire. Scarcely was

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committee on Cerebro Spinal Meningitis Dr. Ephraim Cutter of

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We have seen that after bringing together all the fragments the

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The cranial nerves may e paralysed in groups by disease in the

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Geoghegan Watson Rey Penny and others are as unassailable on this ground

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tal symptoms is unnecessary to mention. If they do not

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Stimulating drinks should be strictly avoided pork and pastry being

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surface of the stone. The pet cocks together with the effluent

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long been valued and in fashion in Medicine Surgery and Pharmacy I

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the condition and this is well since it precludes the possibility of

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as a result of their over excitement during the tetanus induced just

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though the results obtained by the different experi

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ticability of the procedure the overpressure apparatus is for every pur

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dental education and to place dentistry upon its proi er plane

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lowed bv a brief review of the appearances noted in

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typhus fever but they are. not characteristic of either disease. The tem

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ernor ordered Captain Miles Standish to see to them

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cession but without arresting at all the progress of the disease and he

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organism an obscurity which can only be cleared up by accurate

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The most frequently observed adverse reactions include light headedness

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other hand arise from losses of blood of all kinds.

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centre of rotation according to Bonders is still further behind the posterior pole

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